Gojek Clone : Setting Up On-demand Medical Services

On-demand Medical Services

It is said that modern medicines allow people to live longer. In short, the demand for doctors will rise, and thanks to the tech-driven world, there are new ways to connect with professionals. The technological advancements now enable patients to connect with doctors on calls rather than visit the clinic using On-demand Medical Services. Let’s see how you can set up a medical service online with the Gojek Clone app.

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Benefits of On-demand Medical Services 

Here are the benefits of online consultations or virtual medical services: Look at them and find out how your customers will see the services. 

  1. No traveling 

Patients don’t need to visit the doctor in-person. Thus, there is no need to travel. Patients only need an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or PC to begin the consultation or medical service booking.

The app users can directly speak with the professionals they choose right from where they are!

  1. Get prescription online 

The patients don’t have to visit the doctor to get their regular prescriptions. With on-demand medical services, the prescription can be delivered to the doorstep. For instance, users can upload the prescription provided by the doctor and get the medicines delivered from a nearby pharmacy directly to their doorstep.

  1. 24×7 convenient services 

The Gojek Clone app ensures that services are conveniently delivered. A patient can reach out to the doctor immediately rather than wait for the clinics to open. This service is best for those who don’t have time because of their tight working schedules. The busy patients can see and consult with the doctor without messing up their schedules. 

The best part about online medical services is that patients are at no risk of contracting an infection. When traveling or waiting for their turn in the clinic, patients can often end up catching an infection. However, when consulting the doctors from home, patients can freely speak with them worry-free. 

Set up On-demand Medical Services Platform in 1 to 2 Weeks 

With a pre-built app solution, it is easy to set up an online medical service platform. The on-demand app offers many other services besides booking medical appointments, such as online video consultations, etc.

It takes only 1 to 2 weeks to develop the application. During this time, the Gojek Clone app development experts white-label the app to build a completely unique identity and platform for you to provide sterling medical services. Follow these steps to set-up a medical service platform. 

  1. Demo app trial 

Ask the white-labeling firm for access to a free demo app trial. During the trial, take note of these things: 

  • What customizations would I want to make? 
  • What is the workflow of the app? 
  • How can I improve my application? 
  1. Speak with the Project Manager 

The Project Manager is one who will note your medical service app development requirements, make suggestions, and prepare the Scope Document. 

Once the Scope Document is ready, you can make your purchase decision and move ahead with the app’s development. 

  1. App development and review 

Developing the Gojek Clone app takes about 1–2 weeks. Once the development is complete, you can review them and ask for any required modifications, if necessary. Otherwise, you can give a thumbs-up to the Quality Assurance team. 

  1. Launch 

The app is ready for launch. Based on your requirements, the team will submit the apps to the iOS and Android App Stores after conducting a thorough review and quality tests.

Once the App Stores approve the submission, your multi-service app with medical services is available for download!

Final Words

To sum up, one thing that we learnt today is that online medical services are the future. Patients are well aware of the dangers of stepping out on crowded streets when they know that COVID-19 can strike again. Moreover, patients are comfortable to spend a handful on virtual clinics. 

In brief, it is the right time to launch the Gojek Clone app and establish a fully-fledged business in 1 to 2 weeks.