What is Gojek Clone?

The Gojek Clone app is an advanced on demand multi service solution that works on various smart phones. The app essentially uses the features of a smart phone in order to allow its users access to multiple services (as many as 101) through a single log in and a single download.

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  • demo Try the App First

    Before investing in the app, we request you to test our app like gojek thoroughly for as long as you like absolutely FREE! Check out the real time function of our demo apps by downloading it on multiple devices and taking it on a live run.

  • purchase Place the Order

    Once you are satisfied with the app performance and how our App like gojek works, just look over the scope document and the non-disclosure agreement for your privacy and protection and place the order with us.

  • launch Launch your app in 1 Week

    Once the order is placed, our team gets to work and white label the on demand multi services app to your custom requirements. In approximately 4 to 6 working days, we will then launch the app for you on your Google Play Store and iOS app store accounts!

Gojek App Clone Includes

white labelled gojek clone app

Single GoJek Clone Super App: Access to Multiple On Demand Services

The Gojek clone app has grown to represent an all-encompassing answer to all of your customers' needs. The efforts of our team have been focused on making our app dynamic so that you can shape and adapt as per the changing market preferences. We offer you a specialized admin panel that allows you to add or hide services within the Gojek clone scope, while granting access to multiple services. Note - Our app like Gojek has limited services and is not a 100% copy of the original Go-Jek app from Indonesia.

  • Ride bookingTaxi
  • Parcel DeliveryDeliver Anything, Anywhere
  • Food and Store DeliveriesFood and Store Deliveries
  • Online Video ConsultationOnline Video Consultation
  • Service BidBid for Services
  • On-Demand ServicesOn-Demand Services
  • Medical ServicesMedical Services
Hassle Free Bookings for Comfortable Taxi Rides

This section of the Gojek clone application can be looked at as an entire taxi application in itself. It works by empowering the application proprietor to characterize different vehicles inside it, for example, hatchback, car and SUV alongside the reasonable rates. Highlights inside this segment incorporate Taxi Booking, Taxi Rental, Uber like Car Pooling, and other creative transportation solutions.

Deliver Anything, Anywhere
Get Parcels of Any Shape and Size Delivered From Point X to Point Y

This Component operates as a conveyance application inside the Gojek clone app which empowers users to send and get packages of any weight and dimension from point A to either a solitary area or numerous areas. The Delivery Drivers can do delivery runs on vehicles like bikes, cars, trucks and others based on the number of items to be sent and the speed and budget that is most suitable for your user. Your users can now also hire the services of exclusive delivery runners to help you with chores like purchasing items, picking up your laundry, collecting things and so on and so forth.

Food and Store Deliveries
Doorstep Delivery of Food, Groceries, Medicines, Flowers And Even Bottled Water

This piece of the application will allow your clients to access the items of a large number of Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, etc. Stores in their neighbourhood. If the store of any kind is registered in your app, they can access it! Your users can utilise this part of the app to by items directly and then get them delivered to their doorstep.

Online Video Consultation
Do you need an urgent consultation? Why wait? Just get an instant online consultation!

This section of the Gojek clone app will allow your users to schedule appointments or get an instant online consultation with experts without ever stepping out of their homes. They can not only save time and money, but also prevent any hassles. Experts that they can connect with using the app include: Doctors, Tutors, Lawyer, and Astrologers, learn Yoga, etc. alongside Booking, Consulting and Payment through the application continuously. After the Corona Virus pandemic, by far most are relying upon online modes of counsel to avoid physical contact and this part helps with just that.

Bid for Services
Service providers can now bid for services!

Instead of going only the conventional way where the user seeks the service provider using the listings, this part of the app will pass the power baton to the service providers. Users can now list their job requirements for which the service providers can bid. They can even quote a price different to the ones that they have themselves quoted in their profiles. This will allow your users to get the best possible price for the jobs and the service provider to get more jobs!

On-Demand Services
Just One King X and the Ability to Book Over 75 Different Types of Services

This part will allow your end users to locate, hire and pay service providers instantly using the app. They can book experts like Beautician, Massage Therapist, Dog Walker, Baby Sitter, and Car Washer, etc. to get their services right away or schedule it for a later time frame. They can make an informed choice regarding who to hire based on their budget, the ratings and the reviews that the experts have gotten and their experience and expertise.

Medical Services
Book an Appointment / Service
  • General Physician Service App General Physician
  • Physiotherapist Service App Physiotherapist
  • Nurse Service App Nurse
  • Physiologist Service App Physiologist
Video Consultation
  • General Physician Service App General Physician
  • Physiotherapist Service App Physiotherapist
  • Neurologists Service App Neurologists
  • Cardiologists Service App Cardiologists
  • Orthopedic Service App Orthopedic
  • Paediatrician Service App Paediatrician
  • Dietician Service App Dietician
  • Physiologist Service App Physiologist
More Services
  • Pharmacy Service App Pharmacy
  • Ambulance Service App Ambulance
  • Vet Service App Vet
  • Blood Bank Service App Blood Bank

Gojek Clone Script Preview & Workflow

Understanding the application completely is generally significant. For this reason we have made a visual educational manual to assist you with understanding this on demand multi services application completely. Get a profound look on how each and every step of the application works and precisely what the progression of the Gojek App Clone is like.

gojek clone app demo

Medical Services

Receiving medical care does not have to be difficult, but rather, EFFORTLESS. And our medical services make sure of that. Get confirmed doctor's appointments, video sessions, pharmaceutical orders, connections with blood banks, and more.

There won't be any more racing to the store to get prescription drugs, standing in line for hours, or stressing. Healthcare is one of the most Money Making industries. Our medical service feature, offers wide range of healthcare assistance 24/7. So, what's stopping you? Not to forget the hefty commission that you will earn on every order, improving your BANK BALANCE.
Users may make appointments with medical professionals who will either treat them in their homes or at their clinics. The sophisticated functionality also allows users and patients to video consult with doctors anywhere in the world. With a few clicks, you might request an ambulance or have pharmacy supplies, medications, plasma, or blood delivered right to the patient's room in an emergency. The time is now to invest in KingX, which is integrated with modern medical services that puts you ahead in the business game.

Note : Beginning on September 1st, Medical Services, a Paid Add-On, will be accessible for the KingX Apps. Please contact your representative if you require more information.

More Details
gojek clone Medical Services
gojek app clone

App Like Gojek: The Best Selling Business Solution Is Here

This is your chance if you've been waiting to get your hands on the top business solution available. Launch Gojek Clone App in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Philippines, and USA to get cutting-edge technological solutions that can manage several on-demand taxis, home services, on-demand deliveries, and more than 101+ services from a single app. Make millions of dollars on the go with Gojek Clone App. This app has been carefully created by our team of experts adding the top curated features in the market that are relevant not only in terms of seamless usability but also to the post CoVid 19 pandemic situation.

The on demand business type has been around for many years, but this is the first time when an app so powerful has been presented to the world. Especially the USA, Brazil and Nigeria market has yet to see an app like Gojek so it is the best time to launch your Gojek Clone. Unlike other apps in the market, this Gojek clone Script needs to be downloaded only once and needs for the users to log in just once! Users can book taxi, order food, grocery from stores, book a beautician from this single app only.

What's more is that this Multi Services App Solution is absolutely market ready! We don't expect you to invest blindly in anything. You simply test the app and pay only if you like it! Yes! Our team of experienced on demand mobile app developers have created this App Like Gojek to suit business requirements of every scale and our confidence in this application allows us to give you an unlimited duration demo so that you can test the app to your heart's content before placing the order from every angle.

I'm Interested to know about & to buyGojek Clone Apps

Our Gojek Clone Script offers 101+ On demand Services

  • Taxi booking Taxi booking

    Your customers can book a ride on the go just as they do in Uber Taxi App. It also includes carpooling and Taxi Rental options.

  • Deliver All Food / Grocery / Wine / Medicine Delivery (Deliver All)

    Let your customers order food, groceries, wine, medicines from the nearby stores and restaurants. The user can order through their IOS and Android devices as well as the website.

  • Parcel / Courier Delivery Parcel/Courier Delivery

    Whether it is a single package or multiple, your customers can get their packages delivered right on time. The parcel delivery can be booked using IOS/Android devices as well as a website.

  • On-Demand Service On-Demand Service

    Your customers can book different On-Demand Services like Beautician, Car-washing, Handyman, Electrician, and more. The services can be booked through IOS/Android devices.

  • Delivery Anything Delivery Anything Anywhere

    Get items purchased from nearby stores as per your instructions and get them delivered to the doorstep. The customers can get anything purchased and delivered anywhere in a short time.

  • Video Consultation Video Consultation

    Customers can book "On-Demand" or "Schedule Later" video sessions with verified service providers like Doctors, Lawyers, Tutors, Fitness experts, Yoga instructors, Astrologers, etc. Connect using your Android or Apple device for face-to-face video conferencing.

  • Service Bid Service Bid

    Posting the job details allows users to invite the service providers of that vicinity to bid in accordance with their budget and they can select providers based on bid-offer, reviews, and portfolio. The services can be booked through IOS/Android devices.

  • Other Services Other Services

    "More Than 101 Services" stunning assortments of on-demand services that are made available to your users’ requirements to be available anytime and anywhere. You'll make millions on the fly because of the gorgeous UI and fantastic features.

Brand New Features Of Gojek Clone App

Get all the top features you always wanted in your business app!

  • White Labelling White Labelling

    We offer white labelling services utilizing which we supplant your logo and brand name all around the application and eliminate any hint of our logo and brand name from it. This facilitates to ensure that the app belongs to you in its entirety assuring your total possession and to safeguard your security.

  • CoVid 19 Features CoVid 19 Features

    To make sure that your organisation can continue to function normally even during the pandemic, we have added a number of unique CoVid 19 features. Among these features are the following: Face Mask Verification, Safety Checklist, Safety Badge, Contactless Deliveries, Cashless Payments, Take Away Option, and many more.

  • Language Addition Custom Language Addition

    To ensure that you have a hassle-free launch of your Gojek Clone App across the globe, we offer 25 languages of your choice in addition to the default language of English with the app.

  • Currency Addition Custom Currency Addition

    Our app supports 25 currencies other than the standard dollar, allowing you to launch your app in multiple countries.

  • On-Demand Multi-Services App Launch App Launch

    We don’t leave your side till the app is launched all over the market. We take complete responsibility for launching the app for you.

  • Google Play Store Approval Approval on Google Play Store

    We ensure that the app gets approved on the Google Play store and is not rejected owing to any technical reason.

  • Approval iOS App Store Approval on iOS App Store

    We ensure that your app is approved on the iOS App store and is launched on it without being rejected owing to any technical reason.

  • Gojek Clone Source Code Licensed Source Code

    We offer the licensed source code of the Gojek Clone Script to you on purchase absolutely free so that you can enjoy complete ownership of the app.

Gojek Clone

Gojek Clone - Launch Best On Demand Multi Services App Solution

The process of white labelling essentially involves preparing a stencil app that can be customised to a particular entrepreneurs requirements so that they can launch it as their own business. While numerous business visionaries mostly choose the Gojek clone application because it is accessible and available as a white label ready made app, there is still a doubt regarding the cost and construction of these apps. Entrepreneurs wonder how they can get the best app for the investment that they made and why a feature rich app of such high quality is priced as mentioned. In the following section, we will elaborate more along these lines and try to explain the details with respect to how these apps are built and the kind of expense that you are looking to dole out in case you invest in a ready made on demand Gojek clone app that can be launched on the Google Play store and the iOS app store.

Once the Gojek app Clone is developed and ready for sale, the app development company puts it up for sale and allows entrepreneurs to invest in it and make sure that they can get their own Gojek clone script. After the purchase, the entire team gets to white labelling the app with the app owner’s logo, brand name, colour themes and other factors such as integration of local currency of your choice, integration of local language of your own choice and other custom additions to the admin panel such as your services and so on and so forth, the app. After this comes the grand launch. But it is not as easy as it we’d like to think of it.

Presently, Gojek Clone App Solutions has a presence covering majority of the Asian countries. Running successfully in varied Southeast Asian locations, including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, and many more by global entrepreneurs. Launch and expand your online business by buying Gojek Clone Script Solution, a unique business model available at an unbelievable price.

The Gojek Clone App Empower your Business Dreams

A start up in today’s times is more than just a business. It is a statement that you have arrived. Become a strong and independent entrepreneur with a business that is profitable from day one! Need more information?

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What do We Provide with Our Gojek Clone Script

If you have been wondering what should make your trust us, and then take a look at all the things that we offer you right here and then decide for yourself.

Advanced Features Of Gojek Clone

  • Easy Login Easy Login

    Customers can quickly log in using their phone number or Email Address saving their time. Users can also login using Apple Face ID and Android Fingerprint.

  • manual booking Manual Booking of Services

    The customers who do not have access to the Internet or app can phone call to Admin who will take the order on behalf of the service provider, manually taking the bookings.

  • Mobile Money Mobile Money

    Your Customers can Pay most simply via one of many options - Pay via Mobile Money Payment without any hassles your customers can spend easily on your App, you make more commissions.

  • live tracking Live Tracking of Services

    In-app notifications provides your customers to track the order/taxi ride on a real-time basis via a graphical status icon feature.

  • otp verification OTP Verification to Start the Task

    The driver/service provider will ask for the OTP confirmation before starting the ride/task.

  • booking from website/apps Booking from Website & Apps both

    Allows your customers to order their ride/delivery/ through website and Android and IOS apps in real-time.

  • Single Log In Single Download Single Log In

    Give your customers the power of hiring over 101 different types of services in a single app with just one download and one log in. No more in app downloads, no more tedious form filling for registration, just as easy as one app download and get access to 101+ services instantly.

  • editable services Editable Services

    The customized white-label gojek clone app solution enables the Admin to modify the services as per your customer The Admin can edit/modify the services as per business demands.

  • Video Consulting Video Consulting

    Consult online with experts now book appointments and making consultations with doctors, tutors, lawyers, astrologers, or learning yoga is all done through this. Consulting, Booking, and Payment: All of this happens within the app.

  • Real-time Bidding Real-time Bidding

    Users can post details of their Tasks on the App and allow Service Providers to bid on them in real-time. Users can choose the best bid based on offered cost, reviews, and ratings of the Service Provider.

  • Secured Payment Secured Payment

    Our market-ready Gojek Clone KingX App is integrated with different payment gateways allowing your users to pay with peace of mind. We provide your users with a variety of secured payment alternatives that make transactions simple.

  • Unlimited Duration Demo Free Unlimited Duration Demo

    We offer a demo for an unlimited duration so that you can test the on-demand multi-services app thoroughly before you actually have to invest in it! We enable you to download the demo app on Android as well iOS devices so that you see how the Gojek Clone Script works across various platforms.

  • Launch Application Launch in just 5 working days!

    We launched the Gojek app clone for you in just 5 working days! Yes! From the time of purchase, to the day of launch, everything is done in less than 5 working days. Once you place the order, we white label the app with your logo and brand name and add all your custom requirements in it to launch the app.

What Do Our Clients Say?

When it comes to trusting an overseas company, the easiest way to assess their reliability is to check out what their previous clients have to say about them. Here are some of our previous clients sharing their experience in working with us. They speak about our apps, our development centres, and of course our team of experts. Check it out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Gojek Clone?

    Gojek Clone is a White-label App Solution offering 101+ On-Demand Multi-services like such as rides, store-based delivery services, Parcel delivery, On-Demand services like Handyman, Delivery Genie. Built on intuitive responsive panels, along with Latest Features that are rare to find in any other app, our script guarantees a seamless user experience.

  • What are Some of the Best Features of App like Gojek?

    Gojek Clone Script has several best features like Taxi Apple Watch App, Book Services in multiple ways, Delivery Genie, Service Bid for more than 101+ Services, and Online Video Consultation.

  • How much does it Cost to Develop the Gojek Clone Application?

    It depends on the type of OS you are using. Additionally, features, app technologies as well as the type of mobile app development company you are choosing to work with.

  • How often can I get your Support?

    Yes, we provide post-delivery support and maintenance at different levels depending on the plan package you have bought from us.

  • What is the On-Demand Multi-services included in Gojek App Clone?

    On-Demand Uber-like Taxi Booking, Food & Store Delivery, Delivery Genie & Runner, Parcel Delivery, On-demand Services, and more are among the services offered in the Gojek App Clone.

  • Is Gojek Clone A Successful Business Model?

    Yes, This All One Multi-services App concept has been taken from its parent app which has witnessed enormous success in a short time, becoming the first unicorn in Indonesia.

  • Do you Provide Complete Documentation for the App Solution?

    Yes, we give documentation for the app that we create for your company. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that states that we will not reveal any of your company's proprietary information.


The Gojek Clone app is one of the easiest app based solution that can magnify your business prospects in the multi service industry. Also, find out how to look for the best KingX app for your business loaded with the right features.

Most popular multi services mobile app based solution in the on demand Business market today. With over 101 services within its foray, this has quickly become the best possible solution that any entrepreneur can ask for in order to grow their business.

Ever since the popularity of the Go-jek Clone app based businesses grew, many on demand developers around the world started building their own versions of the Gojek Clone script. it comes in various names and shapes, but primarily, here are a few common things that each of these on demand multi service apps have:

  • The Gojek Clone app cover multiple services within the umbrella of a single one. Various services are categorised within different segments and the user can select the service section first and the particular service itself after entering the segment.
  • The Business model of the Gojek app clone relies on commission. Each time the app is used to book or hire a service provider, the app owner stands to make a handsome commission.
  • The Gojek App Clone is typically free for download for all the users and the service providers. The app only charges the service providers when they are booked using the app. No charges are levied on the users.
  • The app comes loaded with some common features such as GPS tracking, each booking using social media handles, in app wallet and so on and so forth.
  • The app should also continuously be developed and evolved. This is the best way to make sure that the app is relevant in the market and the people still find it usable.


As we’ve mentioned before, if you look out in the market, you will find hundreds of different Gojek Clone options that have the above mentioned properties. However, are all these generic Gojek app clone script suited for your business? The answer isn’t quite the one that you want to hear.

It is important to understand that the On-Demand Multi-services App needs to be exactly that suits your market and your business requirements in order to be a successful venture for you that can actually impact the success of your business.

The first step that you must take in order to secure the best Multi Services App Solution for our business is to identify your needs. Every business comes with its own set of unique challenges and requirements. The market trends that are locally prevalent affect your business in a large way. This is why it is important to first identify your expectations from your business and then take a look at the market requirements.

Identify if the market already has a multi service solution and if yes, what is the general response towards it. Do the people love it? IS there something that could be better? IS there any kind of resistance that this solution is met with? What can you do to make it better for both the service provider as well as the user?

Once you know this, the next step is to get a very clear idea of the flow of the app that people are used to. No one likes something new and people will not put in the effort to learn a new system unless you actually give them something that is truly ground breaking in nature.

Gojek Clone KingX App - Enlarge Your Revenue In On Demand Market

This is why; while you offer the people a solution that they need for a problem that has been haunting the market for a long time, you also have to absolutely sure that your answer to the market isn’t something that would be too radical for people to follow.

This means you will have to offer an app for which they will not have to unlearn their usual ways and learn how to use your application. The ideal app is something that is so easy to navigate that the first step should automatically flow into the next one and so on and so forth.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to launch their business with the help of a cloned app rather than creating something new. A cloned app relies on the flow of an existing app which is used by millions of people and thereby is tried and tested.

The other thing that you should be very mindful of when launching your own business with the Gojek clone app development is that you need a solution that is resounding in its clarity in terms of financial ease for all the parties involved. This means that the users should feel safe about the way services are priced on the app and the service providers should be comfortable in making as much money as they like.

The commission that you should charge from the app shouldn’t be too steep as it will deter service providers from choosing your on-demand multi-services app as their digital base. It is always advisable to take baby steps and start small and then work towards making incremental changes to your commission slowly and steadily.

Choose Right Go-jek Clone Script and Expand your Business

On the whole, it is very important to purchase the right Gojek Clone app from the various options available in the market so that it suits your exact needs. Ideally, you should look for a reputed white label on demand mobile app Development Company that has been creating on demand apps for at least a decade. This gives them the experience to understand what your end users want.

You should also be very careful of the kind of investment you are about to make and the returns you can expect to be making. Having clarity with respect to a timeline of growth and profitability which is realistic can help you a lot.

Lastly, the best apps are ones that are launch ready. This is so that you don’t have to waste any time in entering the market. Look for a ready made Multi Services App Solution that can be white labelled with your logo and brand name to be launched on the Google play store and the iOS app store. Once the process of white labelling is done and the app is launched you can start earning from day one. Since the Gojek clone app is already in a launch ready state, the process of white labelling should not take more than 5 working day and so you can start earning in less than a week’s time since you app purchase.

The Gojek clone Script is a wonderful solution to magnify your profits in the app based on demand multi service industry. So, get busy looking for the right app and take the big plunge as soon as possible to start earning instantly!

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