• demo Try the App First

    Before investing in the app, we empower you to test the gojek clone app thoroughly for as long as you like absolutely FREE! Check out the real time function of the app by downloading it on multiple devices and taking it on a live run.

  • purchase Place the Order

    Once you are satisfied with the app and how it works, just look over the scope document and the non-disclosure agreement for your privacy and protection and place the order with us.

  • launch Launch your app in 1 Week

    Once the order is placed, our team gets to work and white label the on-demand multi-services app to your custom requirements. We then launch the app for you on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store in just 4 to 6 working days!

gojek app clone

The Best Selling Business Solution of 2021 is here for you!

If you have been waiting to get your hands on the best business solution in the market then this is your chance! Our Gojek App Clone 2021 is the best business solution in the market that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams. This app has been carefully created by adding the top curated features in the market that are relevant not only in terms of seamless usability but also to the post CoVid 19 pandemic situation.

The on demand business type has been around for many years, but this is the first time when an app so powerful has been presented in the world. Unlike other apps in the market, this Gojek clone Script needs to be downloaded only once and needs for the users to log in just once!

What’s more is that this app is absolutely market ready! We don’t expect you to invest blindly in anything. You simply test the app and pay only if you like it! Yes! Our team of experienced on demand mobile app developers have created this Gojek Clone App to suit business requirements of every scale and our confidence in this application allows us to give you an unlimited duration demo so that you can test the app to your heart’s content before placing the order from every angle.

Our Gojek Clone Script offers 70+ On demand Services

  • Taxi booking Taxi booking

    Your customers can book a ride on the go just as they do in Uber Taxi App. It also includes carpooling and Taxi Rental options.

  • Delivery All Delivery All

    Let your customers order food, groceries, wine, medicines from the nearby stores and restaurants. The user can order through their IOS and Android devices as well as the website.

  • Parcel/Courier Delivery Parcel/Courier Delivery

    Whether it is a single package or multiple, your customers can get their packages delivered right on time. The parcel delivery can be booked using IOS/Android devices as well as a website.

  • On-Demand Service On-Demand Service

    Your customers can book different On-Demand Services like Beautician, Car-washing, Handyman, Electrician, and more. The services can be booked through IOS/Android devices and the website.

  • Delivery Anything Delivery Anything Anywhere

    Get items purchased from nearby stores as per your instructions and get them delivered to the doorstep. The customers can get anything purchased and delivered anywhere in a short time.

Gojek Clone Script Preview & Workflow

Understanding the app in its entirety is most important. This is why we have created a visual instructional manual to help you understand the on-demand multi-services app in its entirety. Get a deep look on how every single step of the app works and exactly what the flow of the Gojek App Clone is like.

gojek clone app demo

Brand New Features of Mini Gojek Clone App 2021

Get all the top features you always wanted in your business app!

  • White Labelling White Labelling

    We offer white labelling services using which we add your logo and brand name all over the app and remove any trace of our logo and brand name from it to establish your complete ownership and to protect your privacy.

  • CoVid 19 Features CoVid 19 Features

    We have included a bunch of special CoVid 19 features to ensure that your business can run seamlessly even during the pandemic. These features include Face Mask Verification, Safety Checklist, Safety Badge, Contactless Deliveries, Cashless payments, Take Away Option and much more.

  • Language Addition Custom Language Addition

    We add 15 languages of your choice to the app in addition to the standard language of English to ensure that you can launch your gojek clone app across different regions.

  • Currency Addition Custom Currency Addition

    We add 15 currencies of your choice to the app in addition to the standard dollar so that you can launch your app in multiple countries as you please.

  • On-Demand Multi-Services App Launch App Launch

    We don’t leave your side till the app is launched all over the market. We take complete responsibility for launching the app for you.

  • Google Play Store Approval Approval on Google Play Store

    We ensure that the app gets approved on the Google Play store and is not rejected owing to any technical reason.

  • Approval iOS App Store Approval on iOS App Store

    We ensure that your app is approved on the iOS App store and is launched on it without being rejected owing to any technical reason.

  • Gojek Clone Source Code Licensed Source Code

    We offer the licensed source code of the Gojek Clone Script to you on purchase absolutely free so that you can enjoy complete ownership of the app.

What do We Provide with Our Gojek Clone Script

If you have been wondering what should make your trust us, and then take a look at all the things that we offer you right here and then decide for yourself.

  • user ios app
  • user android app
  • user web panel
  • user huawei app
  • driver/service provider ios app
  • driver android app
  • service provider web panel
  • store iOS app
  • Store Android app
  • store web panel
  • user kiosk iOS app
  • user kiosk android app
  • food ordering Kiosk app
  • hotel booking panel
  • main website
  • user web based panel
  • organization web panel
  • admin web panel
  • billing panel
  • dispatcher panel

The Gojek Clone App Empower your Business Dreams

A start up in today’s times is more than just a business. It is a statement that you have arrived. Become a strong and independent entrepreneur with a business that is profitable from day one! Need more information?

Let us discuss

Core Advantages of our Gojek Clone App

  • Single Download Single Log In

    Give your customers the power of hiring over 70 different types of services in a single app with just one download and one log in. No more in app downloads, no more tedious form filling for registration, just as easy as one app download and get access to 70+ services instantly.

  • Free Unlimited Duration Demo

    We offer a demo for an unlimited duration so that you can test the on-demand multi-services app thoroughly before you actually have to invest in it! We enable you to download the demo app on Android as well iOS devices so that you see how the Gojek Clone Script works across various platforms.

  • Launch in just 5 working days!

    We launched the app for you in just 5 working days! Yes! From the time of purchase, to the day of launch, everything is done in less than 5 working days. Once you place the order, we white label the app with your logo and brand name and add all your custom requirements in it to launch the app.

What Do Our Clients Say?

When it comes to trusting an overseas company, the easiest way to assess their reliability is to check out what their previous clients have to say about them. Here are some of our previous clients sharing their experience in working with us. They speak about our apps, our development centres, and of course our team of experts. Check it out!

Advanced Features of Gojek Clone 2021

  • booking from website/apps Booking from Website & Apps both

    Allows your customers to order their ride/delivery/services through website and Android and IOS apps in real-time.

  • editable services Editable Services

    The customized white-label gojek clone app solution enables the Admin to modify the services as per your customer The Admin can edit/modify the services as per business demands.

  • otp verification OTP Verification to Start the Task

    The driver/service provider will ask for the OTP confirmation before starting the ride/task.

  • login via phone number Login via Phone Number

    Customers can quickly log in using their phone number saving their time.

  • manual booking Manual Booking of Services

    The customers who do not have access to the Internet or app can phone call to Admin who will take the order on behalf of the service provider, manually taking the bookings.

  • live tracking Live Tracking of Services

    In-app notifications provides your customers to track the order/taxi ride on a real-time basis via a graphical status icon feature.