Gojek Clone App Vietnam : A Money Making App

gojek clone app vietnam

In today’s technology-driven era, developing a feature-loaded and multi-service app that can rake millions in profits for you is a wonder! Entrepreneurs from around the world are looking for wonders because by launching such a spectacular app, they can earn more and become a successful name in the on-demand market. But, what is the name of this money-making machine? Where can you launch it and make millions? You can launch the Gojek Clone App in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and many more countries! 

gojek clone app

Making Money Is Easier with Gojek Clone App 

How to make money with a multi-service business? If that’s the question that has been haunting you through daylight, then you must continue reading this blog. 

This app is an attraction for entrepreneurs because it has two profit-centric business models. By choosing one of these models, entrepreneurs can choose how they want to make money. 

Apart from these models, entrepreneurs can also make more money from in-app advertisements, surcharges, and cancellation fees.

Profit-centric Business Models 

The Gojek Clone App enables entrepreneurs to make easy and quick money with Commission-earning and curating Membership Subscription Plans. 

Commission-based Business Model 

You must have heard about commissions. Well, commissions are one of the most popular business models that entrepreneurs can opt for. 

The key highlights of this model are: 

  • The entrepreneur can set commission rates themselves. 
  • The commission rates can be different depending on the genre of service. For example 10% commission on taxi rides and 12% commission on car wash services. 
  • If the customer pays in cash, the provider has to pay the commission for those cash-paid services to the app admin via bank transfer or in-app wallet. Whereas, if the customer makes an online payment, the app admin deducts the commission and sends the remaining money to the provider! 

Here, the app admin makes money on every single service that’s booked via the app. 

Membership Subscription Plans

The providers need to purchase one of the many plans curated by the app admin. Since these plans are time validated, the provider can choose a suitable one depending on their requirement. 

Once you launch the Gojek Clone App in Vietnam, the providers will be able to purchase these plans and start rendering their services. Providers can also choose one of these depending on their budget, time validity, and features. 

For example, a provider has purchased a 1-month plan for $100. Now, they don’t have to pay commissions on every service. However, the only thing they need to remember is – to renew/upgrade the plan before it expires. Otherwise, they will no longer be able to get service requests. 

Earn Extra Cash

By launching this multi-service app, you will also be able to earn extra cash! How? There are basically three ways you can start earning more cash apart from the profits. 

In-app Advertisements 

With this on-demand app, you can make more money by renting out a specific place on your app’s home screen to third-party Facebook and Google Ads. 

The third party will display their ad on your app and for every click on it, you as the app admin will receive a pre-decided amount for it. Say. $1 on every click. This is called the pay-per-click method. 


When launching the Gojek Clone App, you can rest assured that you will make money even during high-demand hours. 

Surcharges are levied when the demands are high. The customer pays the extra charges for booking services during rush hours, holidays, late nights, etc. 

The app admin earns a commission on surcharges as well! For example, $25 is the surcharge for a late-night airport ride. Now, the app admin will earn a $2.5 commission on the surcharge. 

Cancellation fee 

The app admin also earns a commission on the cancellation fee. For example, a $20 cancellation fee is applied. On this cancellation, the provider will earn $18 while the app admin will earn $2 when the commission rate is set to 10%! 

In Conclusion

Do you want to launch the Gojek Clone App in Vietnam and become the world’s quickest billionaire? Well, Gojek App Clone has the best solution for you. 

Get started by trying out the Gojek Clone Demo before you purchase the clone app script. Launch your own multi-service business in less than 1 to 2 weeks and enjoy quick money making with lesser investment.