Reasons behind Gojek Clone App’s Incredible Popularity

gojek clone app

Mobile apps like the Gojek clone app have changed the way people used to book movie tickets, plan their vacations, book taxis, and even get a haircut. Today, there is a smart and interactive mobile app for all of these actions.

Using their smartphones, people can install apps, book the services they want, shop for groceries, book ambulances, and so much more.

To get these things done, people previously had to download individual apps, but thanks to the Gojek Clone App, one app can now provide 101+ services.

That is the power of a multi-service app like Gojek.

Dear readers, having an assortment of 101+ services is not the only reason why this app is famous among users. There’s more than just one reason.

Gojek Clone App: Reasons Behind Its Popularity

The smart Gojek-like app is gaining popularity rapidly. Is it the shift in users’ shopping habits or the technological advancements? Maybe it’s both.

Here are some concrete reasons why this multi-service app’s popularity is on the rise.

Everything in one place

It is easier for mobile app users to get everything they want in one place. Imagine a situation where you wish to book a taxi ride, send a parcel, and video consult with a lawyer simultaneously.

Would it be feasible to download multiple apps, choose the best one, register for it, and then book the service? Or, would it be best to get all the services with just one app installation and login?

The latter would be the best option to choose.

The Gojek Clone App is a big online platform. By registering, users can book multiple services in one go without going through all the other hassles mentioned above.

Includes top-class features

The smart app integrates some of the best features that users have encountered to date. Moreover, all the features of this app make it easy for users to book the services, track them, provide feedback, and do everything else in between.

  • Find nearby service providers
  • Push notification
  • Real-time location tracking
  • OTP verification
  • Multiple payment options
  • Contactless delivery
  • Service scheduling
  • In-app video/voice call
  • SOS/Panic button

These modern-day features are important to run the business smoothly, keep the customers satisfied, and enhance engagement as well.

It has unique services

The app consists of more than 101+ services. Some are basic, while others are unique and modern.

Here are two unique on-demand services you will find only in the latest Gojek Clone App.


It is not a ride-share service provided by professional taxi drivers. Rather, it is a peer-to-peer ride-sharing service where any registered user can offer carpooling.

Suppose a user is traveling from one city to another in their vehicle and has three empty seats. The user can post the details of this trip on the app, set the price per seat, and offer ride-sharing to other users.

In brief, any user who wants to travel between the same two cities at the same time and date can book the seats online and ride worry-free!

On-demand medical services

The multi-service app also offers on-demand medical services, where any user can get the following services:

  • Ambulance booking
  • Online video consultation with a doctor
  • Book an appointment with a doctor nearby
  • Order medicines from nearby pharmacies
  • Book an appointment with a pet vet.

Every service is designed to offer quick medical assistance to users and help them in cases of emergencies.

Super Apps Make Lives Easier

If you are thinking about your day-to-day life and how to manage the chores, then this app is a definite try for you.

Taxi booking

Your app users can book Uber-like taxi rides, rent a cab, or book a taxi pool if they want, all with one app.

On-demand delivery from stores

The Gojek-like super app lets users order things online from nearby stores like food, medicines, water bottles, flowers, etc.

Send parcels

Users can send furniture, documents, cement bags, and other packages from X to Y points within the city.

Delivery Genie and Runner

Your app users can also hire delivery genies and runners with a single click, shop for items from local markets, or get a few errands done without stepping out of their homes.

Service bidding

The app lets its users post tasks for handymen and get bids from professionals, carpenters, electricians, etc. in real time.

Online video consultation

Your users can book online video consultation sessions with doctors, astrologers, lawyers, yoga instructors, etc.

The Gojek Clone super app also allows users to book the following unique on-demand services.

Buy and sell real estate

Let users buy and sell residential and commercial properties. Here, sellers can post details of the property they want to sell and find interested buyers quickly.

With a single click, buyers and sellers can connect over a video or voice call.

Buy, sell, and rent cars

Let users buy, sell, and rent cars like SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, etc.

Those who want to sell their cars or put them up for rent can easily post an ad and get more visibility by purchasing a paid plan.

Buy, sell, and rent general items

Users can buy, sell, and rent furniture, electronics, lawn and garden tools, fashion accessories, and more on this Gojek-like app.

Interested buyers and renters can view multiple images and videos of the item before purchasing it.

Track family and employees

Tracking family members will help you ensure that your loved ones have reached their homes, school, or office safely!

On the other hand, employers can use this facility to track their employees working in the field.

Nearby businesses

App users can explore these places even more, as the app contains the following details:

Anyone can search for businesses like cafes, hospitals, salons, spas, malls, etc. nearby their location.

  • Store timings
  • Location
  • Option to call the place
  • Order stuff online
  • Book a taxi to the location
  • View discounts and offers

Wait! This app has something more exciting for the users.

Now, using your super app, users can send gift cards as well. Users can choose a theme-based gift card in the amount that they want and send it to their close ones!

Gift card recipients will receive an email and SMS as soon as you send the card. Thus, they can easily redeem the gift amount on the Gojek-like multi-service app and use it to book services of their choice.

Final Words:

Isn’t it clear why users love the Gojek Clone App?

This multi-service app is a one-stop solution for users. Apart from being the number one choice of every common man, it also offers incredible business opportunities.

Entrepreneurs who have already launched their own Gojek-like app have enhanced their customer service, captured a wider market, and boosted their profits.

Do you want to grab this opportunity and make it big on the market? Then get the ready-made solution as soon as you can.