5 Money-spinning Mobile App Ideas To Break the Internet in 2023

Mobile App Ideas

Every entrepreneur knows that launching a mobile app can easily boost their business or start-up. It wouldn’t be surprising to say that there are millions of apps available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Most brick-and-mortar businesses have already launched mobile apps. On the other hand, every new business entrant is launching a mobile app as well. The competition is tough. So, how do you know which mobile app idea will bring you stellar profits without demanding you put all your sweat and money into the development process?

Don’t worry, because here are the 5 highest-profit-making mobile app ideas that will help you break the internet. But before we get into the details, you should look at these amusing statistics related to mobile apps.

Jaw-dropping Statistics about Mobile App Usage Worldwide

Here are some of the most impressive global app usage statistics that you should know.

  1. Android users outnumber iOS users in the global marketplace. The global market share captured by Android is 68.79%, whereas 30.44% belongs to iOS.
  2. In 2023 and beyond, mobile app spending by users will be more than 2X higher on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  3. By 2025, the market for on-demand service apps is projected to reach $355 billion.
  4. Thanks to on-demand app services, on-demand app revenue is increasing at an average annual growth rate of 6.2%.

5 Extensive Money-Making Mobile App Ideas to Try in 2023

Here are the top five mobile app ideas that are light and will help you break the internet. Without spending all your money on the app development process, you can launch the following apps.

Have a look:

Food and Grocery Delivery App

Today, many people rely on online grocery and food delivery services. In simpler terms, people have now shifted to Internet supermarkets.

Apps like Grab are offering what people want. From same-day grocery delivery to quick food delivery from nearby restaurants, on-demand apps provide everything under one roof.

Moreover, online ordering is helping people save time and money. Therefore, the online food and grocery delivery industry is expanding so smoothly.

People can browse the supermarkets or restaurants near them, see the menu or the available items, add everything to the cart, and make online payments for ease.

The app connects the user’s order with the store, assigns the delivery driver, and boom! The items arrived within minutes of placing the order.

On-demand Taxi Booking App

Entrepreneurs are investing in on-demand taxi apps like Uber because people now prefer to commute from X to Y places via cabs.

Booking a taxi using the app is easier than waiting at bus stops or catching the last metro. Moreover, people have moved on from waving and chasing taxis on the street to calling them to their doorsteps.

The Uber-based business model is one of the most sought-after ideas in 2023. It instantly sends the ride request to a nearby driver registered with the app, thus, making the service quick.

To make the app much more unique, owners are now offering real-time location tracking, video calling, emergency contacts, and other features in the apps.

Furthermore, using a taxi booking app, people can also schedule rides in advance!

Real-time Carpooling App

BlaBlaCar Clone are also becoming a popular choice for entrepreneurs. Since the rising demand for on-demand taxis, carpooling services have become popular too.

Using this app, any user traveling intercity can post the ride and vehicle details and offer ride-sharing services to peer users.

Any user who wishes to travel to the same destination on the provided date can easily book a seat in the driver’s car.

Carpooling enables people to share rides, travel comfortably, and split the cost of transportation.

Online Video Consultation App

Online video consultation apps are one of the best innovations of all time. During the Pandemic, people got habituated to video calling.

Seeing the rising trend and need for contactless conversations, entrepreneurs came up with the idea of launching online video consultation apps.

These apps enable people to speak with experts like lawyers, tutors, fitness coaches, astrologers, etc. immediately over video chat.

They can easily consult these professionals regarding any problem or issue and get a solution without visiting them physically.

Moreover, these apps are integrated with multiple features like in-app chatting, payment via an in-app wallet, search & filter, a map view, etc. to make the experience easier.

Medical Services App

On-demand medical apps are the need of the hour. They have completely revolutionized the healthcare industry.

Using medical apps, people can book an ambulance as per their needs, video consult with doctors near them, order OTC or prescribed medicines online, etc.

Launching the medical app will enable people to connect with professionals and get immediate medical assistance at their doorstep.

Super Apps Are Booming: Launch One Under a Small Budget

As a bonus, you can launch a super app too!

Super apps are all-in-one apps that are loaded with multiple services that users can book online. Think of it as a combination of an on-demand taxi app, a parcel delivery app, a food and grocery delivery app, a medical app, a real estate app, and so on.

By launching one app, you can tap into multiple industries and become a giant like Uber, Gojek, or Grab!

One of the biggest perks of launching a super app is that you will be making huge profits. On top of that, choosing a pre-built solution to launch the super app will empower you to start an online business without spending all your money.

It is a ready-made solution; thus,

  • You don’t need to hire experts and pay them salaries.
  • Buy expensive app development technologies.
  • Spend time designing, coding, and testing the app.

Under US$25,000, you can build and launch a super app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

However, before you get started with the app development process, you must validate your business idea first. Although people will love your app and spend money on it, it is still a good idea to figure out if your audience needs a super app or not.

How do you know if your business idea is viable?

It is worthwhile to conduct some basic market research before beginning the app development process. Here are some of the ways you can go about finding out if your business idea is viable in your target market or not.

We highly recommend that you consider the below-mentioned aspects to make sure that your efforts and resources don’t go in vain and that you make good money.

Brainstorm and Verify Your Mobile App Idea

If you are trying to solve a problem that many people in your target market are facing, it is wise to work on that idea. Many entrepreneurs fail because they try to force a solution or an app idea that isn’t even necessary and is likely to attract only a few users.

Regardless of what problem you are trying to solve with your mobile app launch, ensure that it results in high profit and wider adaptability.

Before you decide on an idea, write it down in one place and study it. Map out everything about your app that you can at this stage so that it is easy for you to determine if your target audience needs it.

Conduct market research.

Once you get clarity about the idea, it’s time to find out who your mobile app’s target users are.

Create a user persona chart and conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis. In the process, you may find amazing things that you can add to your app idea and learn everything about potential users.

Gather Suggestions from Potential Users

Survey your potential users and ask them for their opinions and suggestions. It will be difficult for you, but once done, its results will leave you astounded for sure.

Look for people in your family, your friend circle, your colleague, and other acquaintances who might be a part of your target audience. Share a quick survey form or get their feedback through a 1:1 conversation.

You can also turn to polls, social media websites, and cold emails to reach out to more people and gather their feedback.

Final Words:

After deciding on your mobile app idea, it is now time to move further into the process. Find the right team of experts who can design and develop the app if you are building it from scratch.

Or you can start looking for white-labeling experts who can customize their base app as per your requirements and launch the business in just a few days.

Choosing a white-label mobile app for launching your on-demand business or super app will eliminate all the hassles of product design, deciding technologies, etc.

With peace of mind, you can start your online business and start collecting hefty returns on every service booking. So, why wait? Start working immediately on your mobile app idea and development process.