Reasons Why Choose On-demand Multi-services Gojek Like App?

On-demand Multi-service Gojek

The competition in today’s app market is throat-cutting. Before building On-demand Multi-services Gojek like App, entrepreneurs can do the reality check by simply opening the App Store, be it Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In such a crowded place, will it be alright to enter the market with an ordinary app with simple features? Definitely not. Therefore, you need to launch the On-demand Multi-service Gojek like app. It is an all-in-one super app that offers 82+ on-demand services and an entire assortment of tech-advanced features! 

If you are looking for concrete reasons to invest in this amazing multi-service platform, then this blog is crafted only for you. 

Choosing On-demand Multi-services App

Here are some convincing reasons why you should choose this multi-services app. 

Quick to access on-demand services

With the help of their smartphones and an internet connection, people can access services or place orders at any time and from any location. For instance, users of the on-demand meal delivery app can quickly and easily get their preferred food from a local restaurant. To satisfy the users’ expectations, the order will be delivered as quickly as feasible.

Covid-19 features will allow more people to book taxi services 

The on-demand app has the service category of online taxi booking. With this service, the users can easily book a taxi ride. However, the pandemic made everyone so conscious about traveling in a taxi that they preferred not to step outside their homes. Looking at the rising concerns related to Covid safety, the app developers introduced Covid-19 related features such as: 

  • Face mask verification: the taxi driver has to first click and upload a selfie wearing the face mask. It is only after that can the driver start the trip. 
  • Ride cancellation: the rider and driver both have the flexibility to cancel the ride if they witness either of the parties violating the Covid-19 safety measures. 
  • Restricted passenger limit: this corona-related feature restricts the number of passengers that can share the ride.

Online payments are a big relief for users

Post-pandemic, people only consider making online payments. The online payment system has eliminated all the hassles related to making cash payments. One, the users won’t have to run to ATMs every time they want to make a payment. Two, exchanging currency notes is the quickest and the most evident reason behind contracting the lethal coronavirus. Well, these are two reasons why such a high number of online payments are done today as compared to a few years ago. 

Online video consultation will bring every service to your fingertips 

If you or someone from your family needs to consult with professionals like doctors, lawyers, tutors, and even astrologers, this app can assist you. The users can now book or schedule video consultation sessions right from their smartphone. 

This Gojek clone on-demand service makes it easy for the users to remain comfortably seated at their homes and avail of the service. Moreover, the consultation fee that the user pays is directly deducted from their linked credit card. In short, no hassles of paying for the online service in ‘cash’! 

Steady flow of profits

Sustaining user interest and freshness in your multi-service super app is crucial. Users may maintain a consistent revenue flow by implementing new features, better navigation, and improved design.

Real-time order/ride tracking 

The on-demand multi-service app also has the feature of real-time tracking. Using the latest GPS and APIs, this app integrates high-speed navigation and tracking. It also calculates the estimated time of arrival. The users no longer need to wait for the delivery driver’s call to ask about their current location. You can see them clearly on the map. 


Now that you know that the On-demand Multi-services Gojek like App is the super blockbuster hit in today’s on-demand service industry, what are you waiting for? The time has come to launch the all-in-one super app and become RICH!