What Are The Reasons For Developing Gojek Like App?

Gojek Like App

Developing a Gojek-like app will be a Rewarding Experience for Aspiring Entrepreneurs like you because All the Hard Work you’ll put in will Bear fruit! You can Make History by Going On to become the World’s Most Successful entrepreneur this Century. This App Single-Handedly offers 70+ Life-Enriching Services to its Users through its Powerful Digital Platform!

One Solid Reason To Launch A Super App Like Gojek?

Smart Entrepreneurs like you are Going Gaga over this App because it Helps you Make Easy and Quick Money. The credit for which goes to its Two Profit-Making Business models Remember, though, that you can choose Either One of the Two Commercial Models!

1. Commission Per Order or Service

Admin Earns Commission on Every Single Order Placed or Service Rendered through the on demand mobile app. Service Providers are Legally Bound to Pay a Small Portion of their Earnings Per order or service to the App Owner as Commission!

It is the App Owner who has the Exclusive Right to Decide the commission rates for each and Every Service offered. And these Rates Differ based on the Genre and Demand of the Service in the Market.

2. Membership Subscription Plans

Service Providers have to Make a One-time payment to the administrator to Buy the Subscription Plan that fits their Budget. It is a legitimate Anti-Commission Business Model. That is why once the Plan is Active, Service Providers No Longer have to Feel the Pinch of Paying Commissions On Every Single Order!

It is the App Owner who Creates Multiple Subscription Plans with Varying Validity periods, such as Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, and annual. Remember, though, that each plan comes with a Specific Expiration Date.

The Entrepreneur who owns Gojek Clone Script Starts Sending In-App Push Notifications to the Service Providers to Remind them about the Plan Renewal Days before it Terminates! And once the Plan Does Expire, they can No Longer Accept Online Service Requests. 

Revenue Model of Gojek Clone

The App Owner gets Paid for allowing Big Tech Companies like Facebook and Google to Post their Ads on its Virtual Platform! It is a Marketing Strategy to Expand the digital footprint and Attract New Customers. Earlier, Only Registered Service Providers were allowed to Pay the Admin to Promote their Services on the Landing Screen of the User App.

Safety Features Of This Super App

1. Safety Badges

The App Owners can Award these Safety Badges of “Follows WHO Advisory” to All those Restaurants and Grocery stores that are maintaining the highest standards of Hygiene and Cleanliness. This Badge is a Stamp of trust for a COVID-Free Zone!

2. Contactless Deliveries

Only Online Prepaid Orders qualify for Contactless Doorstep Deliveries. On the Checkout Page, the User has to choose No-Contact Delivery before using their Credit Card to Pay for the Order. The Delivery Driver drops off the Package at the user’s Doorstep and clicks a Picture of it to serve as proof of Successful Delivery. The Driver uploads the Picture to the App for the User to See.

In Conclusion

Are you as Visionary as Apple’s Steve Jobs? Then immediately Contact an Authentic white labeling firm and Go Live with your very own Gojek-like app in 1-2 Weeks!