A Super App with Latest Features & 82+ Services On The Go

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Multiple on-demand services on a single platform! Is that even real? Not many entrepreneurs believe that, but it’s true! The Gojek Clone app is a digital platform where customers can book any on-demand service. The platform offers 82+ services, including online taxi ride booking, hiring massage therapists, sending parcels, and more.

The on-demand app solution is a super-app that provides customers with the facility to choose from multiple services. Every service is available with a single click, and guess what? They are backed by efficient features.

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Multiple Services of Super-app Gojek Clone

The assortment of services available on the application includes more than just hiring professionals or booking appointments. The list of services has numerous services that not many offer, such as service bidding and online video consultations.

Let’s get introduced to the eight major service categories of this on-demand multi-service app. 

1. An online taxi booking service 

The taxi booking services are similar to those of Uber. Here, the customers can book carpooling, rentals, or even a luxurious private taxi. iPhone users with the iWatch can use the smart device to book a taxi ride.

Moreover, the app integrates COVID-19 safety features to ensure that every ride is safe!

2. Online video consultations 

The Gojek Clone allows users to book online video consultations with lawyers, tutors, yoga instructors, doctors, and astrologers. In this service, the customers can book a video consultation with the professionals anytime they wish, keeping in mind the timeslot of the provider.

The best part is that customers can book these services anytime they wish and get the perks right from the comfort of their homes.

3. Bid for service 

Enables the customers to bid for handyman services like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. As soon as the customer posts the job task on the application, the service request is sent to the handyman in the selected category.

The parties can start negotiating for the service with the provider by “making an Offer” for the job. Rest assured, the service is conducted in a normal manner, like any other service booked on the platform.

4. On-demand services 

On-demand services include booking a taxi ride, calling a beautician, massage therapist, babysitter, etc, on the app. The Gojek Clone app also offers customers the option to choose a suitable service provider from the list that pops up on the screen after choosing the service and service category.

5. Parcel delivery 

Through this service, customers can deliver stuff from one location to another locally. The parcel delivery service works similarly to Uber. However, the only difference is that here items are transported, not people.

The customers can set up one pickup location and multiple drop-offs depending on their requirements. In addition, they can choose a suitable cargo delivery vehicle based on the quantity and type of parcel.

6. On-demand delivery service 

Your customers can now order everything online, from food and groceries to medicines, bottled water, and more. The best thing is that customers no longer have to drive to the store or shop to get the things they want. Now, they can place the order online, and a verified delivery driver will bring the items straight to the customer’s doorstep!

Check out the Gojek Clone demo app to see how it will work in real life!

7. Delivery Genie and Runner 

The delivery Genie is the personal shopper, while the Runner is the one who runs errands like delivering tiffin, collecting documents, collecting a parcel, etc. Through this service, the customers can be at peace and don’t have to worry about taking time off their schedule to get chores done.

Customers can pay online for the service and get things done more simply.

8. On-demand medical services 

Get on-demand medical services with just a few clicks. Your customers can now book an appointment and video consultation with doctors, order blood or plasma, book an ambulance, get medicine delivered, and more. 

The service is a new addition to the assortment, but it’s proving to be one of the most cherished services available with the Super App.

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In Conclusion

Summing up, the on-demand multi-service app is essential for a business that wishes to become a superpower in the industry. With the Gojek Clone app, you can become a famous business with 82+ services and robust technology.

On the other hand, your customers will use the platform happily and get chores done without rushing!

So, get the app today if you want to quickly establish a business!