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Buy Gojek Clone Script

A powerful Gojek clone script is making heads turn in the On-Demand Service Industry in Indonesia by offering 70+ Services online through one single Platform where Millions of Users login every day to shop. This App is a one-stop solution to all of the users’ needs and demands and achieves instant gratification at the bat of an eyelid! It is stacked with State-Of-the-art features that have been specifically curated to ensure the safety and health-security of Millions of Users and Service Providers.

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Book Taxi Rides using iWatch

Taxi Booking has never been this sassier and cool! The App User can now book Taxi Rides with a few simple taps on their Apple Smart Watch! First, the User has to connect the iWatch to the iPhone 12 Pro. And ensure constant and uninterrupted Wi-Fi access to both smart devices. Then the User has to download the Taxi Booking iWatch App on the smartwatch, and automatically a Rider’s App will get installed on the iPhone! The App User can even pay online using either the In-App Wallet or the Card.

Customize your Grilled Skirt Steak Fajitas

Blue Corn Tortillas, Grilled Onions, Green Pepper, Pico De Gallo, Mozzarella Cheese, Sour Cream, and Freshly Sliced Cabbage for that extra crunch punch! The App User can choose between a wide array of tortillas, such as All-purpose flour, Corn, blue corn, Spanish, and pan-arabe. Online Food shopping has never been this fun with Customizations for each and every ingredient! I’m already going bonkers thinking about all the customizations I can do with a New York-style pizza!

You can even fill your fajitas with Lime Chicken and Beans! All of this is possible only with Multi Service App like Gojek 

Ride Cancellations

The Taxi Driver can cancel the Ride almost immediately if the Rider is not wearing a Mask or is violating the maximum number of passengers by bringing in three more Friends to travel in a minicar. For this, the Taxi Driver won’t be penalized. Similarly, The Rider can cancel the ride if the Taxi Driver is found violating the Safety Checklist or the Car doesn’t seem tidy and sanitized.

Gojek Clone Script Solution Offering Top-quality Services

Taxi Booking

Nolan opens his Gojek Clone App on his iPhone 11 and books a Nissan Sentra to go to the Airport to pick up his Girlfriend Zandra. They have been in a long-distance relationship for four years now. She is studying Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University, while he is about to complete his Undergraduate Degree from the University of Oregon in Mathematics!

But wait, how can he forget?

Zandra loves Frite & Scoop’ Sweet Cream Custard Ice Cream with their crunchy French Fries! She opens his favorite App again and places an online order using his In-App Wallet. And he puts Eugene Airport as the destination.

Also, She hires a Delivery Genie!

He instructs the delivery runner, William, to go to the Sweet Pea Floral Store and buy 12 Sunflowers. William reaches the store, clicks a picture of Sunflowers out there, and uploads it on the App. While Nolan is sitting in his Cab, he verifies and approves the Purchase. This time, he chose to pay Cash on Delivery.

By the time he reached the Eugene Airport, he was desperately waiting for Zandra with Ice Cream in one hand and 12 units of Sunflowers on the other!

There she is! He falls in love with her over and over again because of her smile!

  • Zandra wants to go blonde, and this is her new Obsession!

Nolan tells her on the Ride back home that he booked using the same app and that he loves her naturally dark-brown curly hair! But she is adamant! And she wants to get it done today! She is very impatient! Nolan books an appointment with a Barber using an on-Demand Gojek-like App in Indonesia!


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