Gojek Clone Script Makes You Millionaire In Matter Of Time

Gojek Clone

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a business solution or simply the owner of an existing business, this blog is a must-read for you! Here, you’ll get to know how the Gojek clone app owners earn revenue and monetize it. When it comes to steady revenue, entrepreneurs trust one of these profit-centric business models: commission-based or membership subscription plans.

But, before we start ahead, let’s understand a bit of Gojek Clone Script

Explaining Gojek Clone Script Solution

An alternate method for creating Gojek-like apps is the Gojek Clone Script Solution.
Its open-source construction enables business owners to launch their venture quickly and customize the script to suit their needs.

There won’t be any quality compromises when an app development business is your partner. The Gojek App will be used for all features and aspects.
Since the need for these services is so great, it will be quite profitable for your company. The Gojek-like app offers a wide range of services in one place. The app currently includes more than 82 services that are conveniently divided into five popular categories.

Let’s explore the two high-revenue-generating models!


Commission-based business model

This model is the most preferred one because the entrepreneurs get to charge a certain fee from the providers for every single service. So, if 500 services are booked on your app today, you can earn 10% or 12% on each of the 500 services! That is a huge amount of money in just a day! The entrepreneur is the sole decision-maker about the commission rate that they want to charge from the service providers.

Different genres of services can have different commission rates. For example,

  • Taxi booking service: 10%
  • Food/Grocery delivery: 10%
  • Beautician on-demand: 12%
  • Parcel delivery service: 12%

For every Gojek clone service booked with online payment, the amount is automatically deducted from the user’s linked in-app wallet or credit card. This amount goes directly to the app owner’s bank account. From there, the commission is deducted from the received amount, and the rest is credited to the provider’s bank/in-app wallet!

On the other hand, if it’s a cash payment, the customer will hand over the money to the provider. Now, the provider needs to pay that money to the app owner via bank transfer!

Membership subscription plans

In this business model, the app owner decides the number of plans they want, their prices, the features, and so on. Each of these subscription plans comes with a time limit. For example, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and even annually!

The price of these plans is decided by the app owner. So, for a monthly Gojek clone subscription plan, the entrepreneur can keep the price at $100, and for a quarterly plan, it can be $450! Since these come with a time validity, the app owner also decides how many days before the expiration date they can send plan renewal reminder messages. Also, if the service provider fails to renew the subscription plan, they will stop getting service requests!

Monetize With An On-demand App Solution

The app owner can also monetize with the on-demand solution.

3rd party Ads Integration

The app owners can now integrate Facebook and Google ads on the app’s home screen! These third-party ads help the owners earn with the ‘pay-per-click’ method. For every click that they get on the app, the owner gets paid a certain amount of money!  The Gojek clone app owner only has to provide a small space on the app to display the ads, and that’s how they can earn money!


Surcharges are again something that helps the entrepreneurs earn a side income from the app. These charges are levied when the demand for the service is high and there aren’t enough drivers or providers to fulfill the demand.


Being an entrepreneur means that you are going to be wealthy soon enough! So, why wait when you purchase the Gojek clone script right now? Look for the best white-labeling firm with years of experience in developing and launching the app in a global marketplace!