Gojek Clone Business Models – What Makes It Lucrative?

Gojek Clone Business Models

Smart Entrepreneurs are investing in App like Gojek to offer lucrative Coronavirus-free services to worldwide customers. Unlike any other Entrepreneur, money-making through rendering services via these powerful apps is always on the agenda. As mentioned, there are two basic types of Gojek clone app business Revenue Models that people opt for:

  • Commission Revenue Model 
  • Subscription Plans 

Choosing the correct one for an On-Demand Multi-Service App depends solely on the Application Owner. Gojek Clone Business Models hold different Profit means. Let’s understand the difference. 

Gojek Clone Business Revenue Models

A Powerful Gojek like App offers Multiple On-Demand Services to its customers like booking a Taxi Ride, getting Food And Groceries Delivered to your doorstep, Parcel Delivery, Car Wash, Booking a Massage, and Commission on every single service that is booked from your App. As an App Owner, you get to permit certain Service Providers to offer one or multiple services to the customer. Say, a Taxi Service Provider can also Deliver Parcels, Groceries, or Food. 

The Commission Percentage for each service can be different. As an Application Owner, you can apply 5% Commission on Parcel Delivery, 10% Commission on Food and Groceries, and 15% on Taxi Bookings. Thus, every single purchase of these services will earn you a respective commission of the final billing price. 

Commission Revenue Model – Example 

Suppose you are Adam Evans, the Application Owner of a Clone App that provides Taxi services along with the Delivery of Parcels, Food, and Groceries in Texas. 

  • On a Thursday evening, Julia books a Taxi from Texas A&M University to her apartment in Bryan. Her bill totaled US$35. The App Owner will earn 15% of the bill amount as Commission. Therefore, 15% of US $35 = $5.25. 
  • A few minutes later Julia orders Groceries to make dinner from the App. On this purchase, she pays $15 using the In-App Wallet. The App Owner Adam has chosen a Commission Rate of 10% for all Grocery Deliveries. Therefore, 10% of US $15 = $1.5. The App Owner Adam has earned a Commission of $1.5 for this order.
  • At 7 PM, a parcel delivery man rings the bell. She pays him $25 in cash for the delivery. On this payout, Adam will earn a 5% commission, which is a total of $1.25.

Subscription Plans for App like Gojek

In a Subscription-Based Business Revenue Model, the Owner of an On-Demand App, will charge a fixed amount from the Service Provider. The Subscription Plan will have an Expiration Date before which the service provider needs to renew the plan to continue receiving orders or bookings from customers. As an Owner, you can offer a number of Subscription Plans To the service providers. Also, you have the option to ask them for an upgrade to a Higher Subscription Plan if the service providers are generating traffic and revenue. 

Subscription Plans – Example 

You are Adam, the Owner of a Powerful Clone App. Your application offers four services, Pharmacy delivery, an appointment with Doctor, Physiotherapy, and a Psychiatrist.  For these four services, you have individual service providers A, B, C, and D. All of these have chosen to opt for a Subscription Plan Revenue Model from your App. This means they have an option to pick a suitable one from their plans. The charges are different for each plan, for instance, $199, $149, $249, and $299.

The Service Providers will pay the amount and upon the Expiration, you can notify them to renew the plan. 


As an Entrepreneur of a Powerful Gojek Clone App, the discussion for finding a perfect Revenue Model Is vital for you, and eventually, it boils down to picking the one that generates huge revenue for you. We stands to meet your need of earning high revenue. With Our business models, you can grow your business from day 1 of the App launch.

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