Gojek Clone – The Multi-Billion Dollar Venture Idea

Gojek App Clone

Successful Entrepreneurs looking for a Solution that can beat the On-Demand Multi-Service Business Industry, your search ends right here. Gojek Clone is the new buzz in the town of Ideating Entrepreneurs. Everyone is talking about it. This Brand-New, Prodigious App is called KINGX 2022! 

One App Offerings – 82+ Services Swears To Success

A Single Powerful Gojek like App equips a hundred different Features. These features are capable enough to make every User’s Shopping Experience more Seamless than ever.

Users will instantly call off using Ten different Apps when they get their hands on a Single App that offers a Pool of Services! And by Pool, I mean 82+ On-Demand Services.

Combine these many Services and Features with Strategic Business Models that help you to coin into Money every second! What will be the outcome? Well, nothing less than a Successful Venture!

A Super App That Saves Your Phone Storage

KINGX 2022 is a Super App that offers a bundle of On-Demand Services with a Single Login into this All-in-One Services App. Thus, Users need to install Only One App to get access to 82+ On-Demand Services without having to encumber their Phone Storage Space!

Online Video Consultation with Professionals 

Mrs. Miller is suffering from Migraine. She wants to consult with a General Physician. So she Books a Video Consultation with Doctor Violet Hill. She has the Maximum of 5 Stars all over North Omaha in the United States! Also, Mrs. Miller was happy that the Consultation Free was US$155 with only a 10% Tax levied. After viewing the Doctor’s Gallery Images on the Profile, Mrs. Miller booked an Instant Video Consultation!

The General Physician was not busy at the moment, so she immediately Accepted the Video Call request as soon as her App Notified as ‘1 New Online Video Consultation Request.’ They started the 40 Minute Session and after it ended, Mrs. Miller got a Text Message saying that US$175.5 had been deducted from her AMEX Credit Card!

Mrs. Miller Ordered the Prescribed Medicines for her Chronic Migraine through Gojek Clone’ Pharmacy Delivery Service!

Grocery Delivery at Doorstep

Dave just got home from a Tiring Day at work and an Hour-Long Drive through New York’s Busy Traffic only to realize that he is out of Groceries! He’s too exhausted to go Grocery shopping, but if he doesn’t he won’t be able to prepare his Lunch for the Next Day! So, he opened the App and went to the Grocery Delivery Section.

So, he searched for Westside Market on the App, which was on 84 3rd Ave, the closest Store to his apartment at 34 Gramercy Park. At the Checkout Page, he edited his Cart and added 2 Blue Sky Black Cherry, and deleted Pretzels. He paid Online via his In-App Wallet.

The items were delivered in exactly 23 Minutes. The Delivery was Contactless, so the Driver kept the Order at the Doorstep. Dave got an In-App Push Notification with a Graphical Icon saying – ‘Order Delivered Successfully.’ Since the Driver was wearing a Face Mask and Hand Gloves, Dave rated him 5 Stars for Quick Delivery and commented the same in the Feedback Section on the Gojek Clone.

He was so worn out that he ordered his all-time favorite Full Portion Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina from Paul & Jimmy’s from the Food Delivery Section of the App!

In Conclusion

Aspiring Entrepreneurs, are you ready to star on the Cover Page of the Forbes Magazine of Top 100 Millionaire Entrepreneurs? Set your Business thriving with KINGX 2022. Trust this part because this Super App is intended to grow your Business Venture at 10X speed!