Build Your Gojek Clone KingX PRO 2023 in Two Weeks

Gojek Clone KingX PRO

Developing a fully functional Gojek Clone app and launching it in the app stores can bring you immense success and money. How? With this application, you can start earning commissions on every service booking. Moreover, you can earn some extra cash from in-app ads and additional charges.

Isn’t making money with this app easy? Let’s see how you can build your own application with a ready-made solution.

Selecting the Best Pre-built Solution

The first step in developing the best Gojek Clone app is to find a pre-built solution.

The ready-made on-demand app solution should be pre-integrated with everything from multiple services to ultramodern features.

To find the right solution for your business, you must start testing the demo apps developed by different white-labeling firms.

You will know you have got your hands on the Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 when you see:

  • It has 101+ services
  • All the features are advanced
  • It is developed using the latest technologies
  • The package is affordable  
  • Hundreds of entrepreneurs from across the world have already launched the app

White-labeling the Gojek Clone App

The second step to launching the perfect app for your business is to white-label it.

White labeling is a process where the base app developed by a company is rebranded with the name and logo of the entrepreneur’s business. During this process, the experts also do the following:

  • Integrate multiple languages and currencies that entrepreneurs want.
  • Add payment and SMS gateways based on the countries where the app is launched.
  • Integrate features and services that the entrepreneur wants.

In brief, after the white labeling is complete, no one will be able to say that a pre-built solution has been used to build the app.

The process of white-labeling the app takes only one to two weeks. Thus, in no time, you will be able to launch the Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 and start generating revenues from it.

Your KINGX PRO 2023 Must Have These 7 Components

Although you will start making money with your Gojek Clone app, your business will grow only when your app has these components:

Buy and sell real estate

Users who want to sell their commercial or residential properties can post their details on the app and get leads. Interested buyers can contact the seller easily.

Buy, sell, and rent cars

Users willing to sell or rent out their hatchback, luxury, sports, or any other car type can post a listing on the app. Interested buyers and renters can view the details and images of the vehicle and connect with the seller via the app.

Buy, sell, and rent general items

Users can also buy, sell, or rent electronic items, furniture, lawn and garden tools, etc., on the Gojek Clone. All they need to do is post details and images of the item.

Interested users who want to purchase or rent the item can contact the owner.


Under this service, users will be able to offer carpool services to other users. Anyone who wants to share the ride can contact the users and book seats in their cars via the app itself.

On-demand medical services

Here, your users will be able to video consult with the doctors or book a walk-in appointment with the doctor, order prescribed medicines, and also call an ambulance.

Additionally, under this service, users can also book an appointment with the pet’s vet.

Track family members and employees

Your users will be able to live track their family members and employees and see their location on the map.

Explore nearby businesses

This service component allows your users to explore businesses near their location, view more information about them, place a call, book a ride, or order online.

Final words:  

Launching the Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 will help your business become successful and earn money.

With a pre-built solution, you can easily launch your own business in only 7 days. Go live on the App Store and become a star overnight.

Once you invest in this app, there is no looking back. Even when you are sleeping, you will be making money.